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Innovation Experts Real Estate Institute is founded by a group of real estate experts who cumulate more than 30 years of experience of working with Dubai Land Department with an outstanding expertise in the field of real estate training and education as per the worlds' best practices.

Authorized and Approved by Dubai Land Department (DLD), Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).

Licensed and approved by KHDA (Knowledge & Human Development Authority – Dubai). 


We are internationally accredited by IAO, AHQSE and FIABCI EMIRATES. 

Academic Programs

Professional Real Estate Training Diploma

IE Real Estate Institute is proud to announce its unique executive Professional Real Estate Training Diploma program. This course aims to provide a strong foundation for the real estate practices, as well as the basis for operating a real estate company in the current competitive and ever-changing market.

Professional Real Estate Training Diploma is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of real estate business aspects including real estate business and practices, property documentation, Sales, brokerage activities & transactions, legal, investment & valuation aspects of real estate etc. Familiarizing you with the best practices.

Our Diploma program is internationally accredited by IAO, AHQSE and locally from KHDA, will definitely add to your credibility setting you apart from the competition and will certainly prove to be a stepping stone to boost your career. Further advance your learning, launch a new career or reinvigorate an existing one. Win the competitive edge.

The perfect choice for Real Estate Professionals or those planning to start their career in real estate. All must acquire an In-depth and practical understanding of all the vital departments and sub-sectors of the real estate industry.

We offer diploma using both methods of conduction online and in-class.

Our Diploma graduates will obtain the opportunity to be hired by the gold rated agency.

On completion of each module you will be required to take an online multiple-choice test. After you have successfully passed the exam, you will be able to receive an Accredited Certificate of Achievement. An additional cost will be applied in case you need a KHDA accredited Certificate.

The Program Objectives:

  • To provide in-depth practical knowledge of the operations and functions implemented in performing various activities in the Real Estate Industry
  • To offer comprehensive insights about the real estate market and marketing, including legal, technical, investment and financial aspects.
  • To prepare the participants by equipping them with the best practices and skills to meet the industry challenges.
  • To provide study cases to enhance understanding and market analysis.
  • To familiarize the attendees with the Real Estate trends and underpinning laws and regulations.
  • To provide guaranteed internships and career opportunities to the attendees.
  • To add to the credibility of the attendees by offering local and international recognition.
  • To support enrolment into universities for postgraduate studies.

The Program Modules
Semester I

1. Real Estate Brokerage Training Certificate (20 hours)

This course draws upon contemporary professional experiences and scholarly expertise in the Real Estate field to shape an evolving curriculum that propels our students confidently into the dynamic world of Real Estate.

It is designed to provide a recognized qualification for real estate professionals to work in Dubai's real estate industry. Students will understand Dubai Market, gain the ethical standards and skills and abide by the systems and roles in place that support brokerage business.

Course Objective:

  • Provide a mandatory qualification necessary to receive a real estate license.
  • Raise the caliber of the profession by educating real estate brokers, developers and investors on best practices and ethical standards of the profession.
  • Provide a step-by-step guide to buying, selling and renting properties in Dubai.
  • The course, through a series of modules, includes an overview of the following general topics:
  • A brief history of developments in Dubai and its governing bodies.
  • The role of the industry’s key players, regulators and educators
  • The Dubai legal and regulatory framework relating to Dubai’s real estate industry.
  • The registration procedures for developers, property purchasers, sellers and real estate brokers.
  • General terms, definitions and principles pertaining to the real estate market.
  • The sale and rental processes and their related agreements.
  • An introduction to Jointly Owned Properties in Dubai and the related governing laws and regulations.

2. Real Estate Negotiation and Communication Skills (5 hours)

Communication represents an important key role in human life, the humans social and economic relationships, and the negotiation is an important part from the communication. The course aims to develop the negotiation skills and the dialogue for those who are working in the real estate market and dealing with customers by offering a range of tips and instructions for how to improve the process of negotiation to achieve the best desired results.

Course Content

  • The Basics of negotiation skills.
  • The negotiation process.
  • Lessons to learn from great negotiators.
  • The evolvement of commercial communication.
  • The use of relevant communication channels.
  • Communication skills.
  • Samples of letters and cast studies. 

3. Real Estate Marketing (6 hours)

Marketing is the key component of any business plan, constituent of research process, promotional and sales activities. The module helps identifying the target market and opportunities with the implementation of market research by utilizing of specific tools and inducing the product by carrying out various outbound marketing strategies.

  • Basic Marketing Management.
  • The Marketing Process.
  • Consider the importance of Marketing.
  • Putting Marketing into action.
  • The Marketing Plan.
  • Personal Selling.
  • Relationship between Sales and Marketing.
  • The Sales Process.
  • Ethics in Marketing and Sales.
  • RERA Marketing Requirements
Semester II

4. Property Management Training Certificate (11 hours) 

This course is designed to meet the needs of aspiring real estate professionals who are seeking an industry recognized Property Management. This course provides is an excellent tool for landlords, property and asset management professionals. In particular, those working within the following departments will highly benefit: real estate and property management, portfolio management, planning and development, contract management and property consultation.

  • How to master the fundamentals of property management;
  • Establishing the importance of Income Producing Assets IPAs;
  • Understanding the role of property management in optimizing rental returns;
  • Developing a detailed understanding of the entire process of property management;
  • Understanding the key responsibilities and functions of property management;
  • Providing practical tips on how to deal with tenancy issues and conflict resolution.
  • How to cultivate tenant, resident and employee relations while maintaining professional ethics;
  • Bridging theory with practical training through role play, discussions and using samples of actual forms used in your real practice;
5. Real Estate Project Management (5 hours)
Around the world, real estate constitutes approximately one third of all capital assets. An understanding of how real estate properties are conceptualized, designed, and built is essential to making intelligent decisions to finance, manage, sell or buy real estate assets. This course prepares participants in the real estate profession to become development entrepreneurs with knowledgeable leadership skills.
  • To provide the basic concepts and practices of the real estate industry.
  • To introduce the principles of real estate finance and investment analysis.
  • To enable students to develop a critical understanding of the participants, parameters, techniques, and processes involved in property development.
  • To facilitate the development of knowledge and critical analytical capacity in relation to the investment analysis, and appraisal of property development projects.

6. Real Estate Economics (6 hours)

This module focuses on the implementation of Demand and Supply to understand and provides an understanding on how the market operates. It focuses on the effect of demand and Supply on the willingness and ability to buy and the relative factors that affect them.

  • “Using Demand and Supply to understand how markets work”.
  • Demand and Supply.
  • Different types of markets.
  • Equilibrium.
  • Effects: increase in Demand, increase in Supply.
  • Extensions.
  • Price elasticity of demand and consumer expenditure.
Semester III

7. Real Estate Valuers Training Certificate (15 hours)

Real estate valuation requires skill, judgment and experience. There is no prescriptive way in which to value any property; the approach is down to the valuer. This is an introductory course that discusses the purpose of real estate valuation, the valuation process, and the different valuation methods and approaches.

The course is designed to provide candidates with the skills and knowledge needed to understand the real estate valuation process, and the candidates will have an understanding of concepts and practices in the field of real estate valuation. The candidate will have practical knowledge of some of the techniques used in real estate valuation.

  • Understanding the characteristics of the real estate market

  • Understanding the role of real estate in the economy
  • Understanding types of possession
  • Understand real estate appraiser and the nature of work
  • Understand the purpose of the real estate valuation
  • Understand the principles of real estate appraisal and valuation.
  • Understand the difference between market value, fair value, price, cost and investment value
  • Understand the methods and approach of evaluation and when using each method
  • Understand the minimum requirements of the evaluation report.
  • Understanding the measurement code

8. Fundamentals of Sales (7 hours)

Mastering the Selling Process, teaching brokers and sales people to sell well and do it successfully. This course is presenting you with the most powerful selling system in the world invented by Jordan Belfort - famous Wolf of Wall Street.

This course is made-up of a group of Three practically implementable sub-courses on customer prospecting, connecting with sales prospects, sales pitch and closing, and building a toolkit for your sales process backed up with role-plays, case studies and practical exercises.

Course Objective

  • Enhance your selling skills
  • Increase your sales
  • Make the selling process hands-on and easy.
  • Increase your conversions and clientele
  • Earn you more commission and make you rich.

AED 14000AED 17500
75Credit Hours

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Credit Hours: 15
Instructor(s): Noura Yassin
09:00 - 14:00
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Instructor(s): Mohamad Hallak
15:00 - 16:00
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