Mohamad Hallak

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Mohamad Hallak is a real estate and financial consultant, real estate investment expert as well as an expert in managing and developing real estate portfolios for more than 15 years, and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a general grade of excellence from the Swiss Business School, and he won the Best MBA Student Award for the Class of 2018.

He is the founder and CEO of M&G Real Estate Consultancy Platform.

He was awarded the title "Pioneering Advisor" in recognition of his significant contribution to the real estate investment field for nearly two decades.

His career began in the United Arab Emirates in 2005, and he has many achievements in the field of real estate investment, where “Hallak” supervised the management and the development of a large group of real estate portfolios, thanks to his distinguished experience in the field real estate investment, in addition to his strong skills in the areas of analysis and planning negotiation has been a trusted real estate and financial advisor to many real estate investors in the United Arab Emirates.