Muhammad JawadUrRehman

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Jawad is a distinguished faculty member of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) with an impressive academic and professional background. As a dedicated educator, he has demonstrated a commitment to fostering intellectual growth and practical skills in his students, leveraging his 15 years of experience in property management across commercial, residential, and retail sectors.

Holding an MBA degree and being the first Certified Property Manager (CPM®) in the Middle East, Jawad has earned recognition for his expertise in property management and for his contributions to the industry. In addition to his professional accomplishments, he actively writes articles and blogs for IREM and local publications, sharing his insights and knowledge on property management principles and practices.

Jawad's approachable demeanor, combined with his passion for the property management industry and teaching, has enabled him to create a supportive and engaging learning environment for students at all levels. As a respected member of the IREM community, he remains dedicated to advancing knowledge within his field and nurturing the next generation of property management professionals.